Help!! Tropical Plants for Zone 7 (Atlanta, GA)

tonibob_in_atlanta(z7 Atl, GA)August 23, 2005

Hi there!

I've putting in a pool, and wandered over here from the Pools and Spas forum.

I'm looking to create a courtyard, tropical atmosphere here in Atlanta. I grew up in New Orleans, and trying to get that same feel.

The weather here is fairly mild, but we do have some very cold days in the winter.

I have no idea how to start. What tropical flowering plants and palms does anyone recommend? And where do you buy them? I haven't seen much at the local nurseries when I've looked.

Thanx for any help!!


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gurley157fs(zone 7/8sc)

I live in the midlands of SC so our growing conditions should be similar. I have the curly leafed variety of the plant shown on the right (next to the sago palm). I don't know what it is called but maybe someone here can I.D. it. This one is pretty also but I do prefer the curly edge on mine.

I like to also plant cannas with different colors of foliage, black magic elephant ears, and shell ginger. All of those should do well in your area.

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

is Alocasia macrorrhiza, looks to me like...

nice grouping

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Toni, here's just a few of the hardy tropicals you can grow here.
Most HD's, Lowes and even Wal-mart carry tropicals. It's getting late in the season so not much left.
Randy's is Lawrenceville is a good place for large mature palms. At a price. Mine started out very small but bloomed this year.
I have a few banana's and EE's and other stuff if you want to trade for anything. Email me.
Hedychium 'Elizabeth'

WindMill Palm

Trumpet tree

Hardy banana

Hardy hibiscus

My friend Pam's garden in Decatur

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gurley157fs(zone 7/8sc)

Cactus, what great pics!! I especially love the Hedychium 'Elizabeth', I'm guessing this is a type of Ginger ??

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

Buy a papaya (eat it) & plant the seeds. They come up EASILY and make a great tropical (annual) look.

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abercrombie4me03(z7 TN)

Those are Elephant ear's gurley next to the sago I have a first year sago 2 washingtonia robusta juvenille but really mature What would be best for overwintering or should I use protection at all my banana's have allready taken a beating from last weeks frost elephant ear's, sago's many different breed of banana's and sabal palmetto but those get a little played out lol if youve been to florida as many times as I have in one year there almost like a weed but some are nice bushy palms are prettier and they are very!! cold hardy! One Ive seen alot of in florida recently is Date palms VERY pretty makes me think of vegas Jelly palms are really nice to

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)

How do you protect that Sago in the ground during the winter?

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bmclendon(z7 GA)

Toni - Have you visited Randy's Nursery in Lawrenceville, GA? Search the web for Randy's - they have tons of palm trees and tropical plants - they also specialize in ponds and plants and fish - they also have a butterfly house - it is not a big place but they have wonderful stuff and you can spend a lot of time wondering around. Randy is usually around to answer any questions or to help design your area - fun, friendly folks! Brenda

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tonibob_in_atlanta(z7 Atl, GA)

Thanx for the suggestions, all!

My pool and patio are coming along, although much slower than I would like.
Cactusfreak: about the only thing I have to trade are a bunch of african violets. In fact, my husband and daughter would love it if I got rid of a few. :)

bmclendon: I'll check out Randy's. Thanx for the sugestion!


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Hey cactus - what is the official name for that hardy Hibiscus? It is beautiful!

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Here's a link to Randy's. I don't think they are open during the winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Randy's

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The Arborday Foundation has a new Plant Hardyness Map out now that shows Atlanta in zone 8 not 7. So know wander you can grow Sagos the size of a bedroom in your back yard in Atlanta of all places, Wish I could do that here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arborday

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