Id's please - newbie!!

paulh_flJanuary 1, 2008

I have no clue what these are - please advise!

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regine_Z 10 Fl gw

#1 looks like a Pandanus(screw pine). If it has spines, it's a p. veitchi, without spines p. baptistii.
#2 is a Beautyberry.
#3 is a Devil's Backbone( pedilanthus tithymaloides)

Here is a link that might be useful: Screw pine

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REGINE - THANKS FOR THE REPLY - no spines on first and it was delivered to me very small and attached to the large root shown in the pick - it has been a joy just watching it grow.

The beautyberry is awesome however I am not sure what to do - plant, keep in pot, either or??? I am truly a rookie!

Devil's Backbone - I just got from a neighbor that dug it up in an over grown area. It almost looks fake! Very tiny pink flowers emerging on the tips of the branches. Is it a climber? Where can I find info on it as to types of soil, light requirements, feeding, etc.

LMK - thanks again

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If #1 is screw pine it's leaves will emit fragrance if crushed. Secondly it is delivered as large root as you have posted.

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regine_Z 10 Fl gw

I would plant the Beautyberry in a corner of the yard in either full or partial sun. It grows about 8 feet tall and is a rather sprawly bush. Flowers are formed on new growth, so prune the bush severely after the berries are gone so you get more berries. It grows fairly fast.

(See Links) You will have to copy and paste.
The link below has a lot of information on the Devil's Backbone.

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I'm looking for the spineless Pandanus. P. baptistii = saundersii.

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