pandanus grown indoors

mutts_fan(z5 toronto)January 21, 2005

Hi from Canada where it is -25c today. I smuggled a small pandanus plant from Singapore last month. It was wrapped in a wet paper towel for about 2 days and then placed in water for about a week before I planted it. It has gradually gone downhill and is looking quite sickly with a few leaves turning yellow. Anyone have any experience growing pandanus indoors? Does it need constant moist soil or does it prefer to be on the dry side? It can't be the cold because I read somewhere that it grows outdoors in Florida. Maybe its just stressed? I plan on leaving it in a pot but moving it outside when its about 20c ie maybe in June or July in these parts LOL.

Thanks for any advice.

Mary Anne

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Mary Anne...the first mistake was putting in wet paper towel for 2 days..these plants are succulent and like drying out. I got mine in '99 at Home Depot. I also have a varagated one someone here on gw sent me..They like a lot of light, but when you bring outdoors in summer, do so gradually. Though they grow in full sun, they need to adapt, and putting in full sun right off the bat will cause leaf burn. My one pandanus is now about 4' tall, in a south window, and cool room. The other is in another cool room but a west window. They need little water in winter..I water well, then allow soil to dry between waterings. But I do mist leaves daily..the smaller of the two gets a shower once wk in sink. Misting and showering keeps leaves clean/dust-free. What color is yours?
Do NOT keep it wet, otherwise it'll rot..Give it time and perhaps all will go well..Toni

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Pandanus is an easy, wonderful tropical plant that is not commonly available. I have the variety that has cream coloration. All pandanus can get quite big, even in northern homes, especially if you put them out for the summer (as I do). Pandanus are grown in Florida, but probably is limited to zone 10 (extreme southern Florida) or maybe a zone 9. In the house, give as much sun as you have, but they will tolerate shade. All eventually develop stilt roots that means they rise up out of their pots propped up on their roots. This is natural. If you put outside in your summer, be careful at first. Direct sun outside will burn the leaves of unacclimated plants, put in shade at first and gradually increase sun.

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mutts_fan(z5 toronto)

Oh oh... I think I overwatered it then. I am going to take out some of the wet soil and replace with drier stuff. Colour of my pandanus? I didn't realise there are variegated forms of pandanus - in South East Asia we grow the ordinary green leaved version for the sweet smelling leaves that are used for colouring and adding fragrance to our food especially coconut rich desserts. Also used to treat a disease called gout, I was told. Hope I can save my little plant, otherwise it'll be a while before I can smuggle another one back to Canada :(
Thanks for your helpful replies.
Mary Anne

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Mary Anne, how does it work for gout? Toni

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Mary Anne,
I think they have differnt variety of Pandanus. I too had killed a few of Panduanus plants.(The plants use to flavor food) I brought the only one left in the house since the beginning of winter. It is true that Pandanus plant does not like wet soil. Try Cactus mix media and mix some pebbles in it. It needs good drainage. After you water the plant, always tilt the pot let the water drip out.
Well, I place my plant in a humidity tend with a cup of water sitting by it. I Open the tend for half of the day to let the air flow. I also let the pot sit on top of a heating pad. I place a few layer of old newspaper on the heating pad to prevent over heat. Just place you hand on the pad and make sure it is warm. And also I put the pot under a grow light. I water it twice a week only and feed it with liquid fertilizer once a month.(I mean right now in the house)
It has grown quite a few new leaves now. Himidity is a big factor for growing pandanus plant in my area. I think your plant may have root rot. Trim off the roten root and hopefully there are a few good roots left.

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virgilevetts(Auckland, NZ)

I would be eternally grateful to any kind person who would be willing to send me a small bare rooted Pandan off-shoot in the post. I am in new Zealand, and this plant is VERY hard to find here. Id be happy to send a prepaid crush proof envelope and swap for some seeds or such

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From the research I did, and the ones I have seen in the wild in SE Asia, these are swamp plants. Swamp soil is actually peat and sand (the topsoil having long been washed off by the water).

I don't think you overwatered them (they actually require high humidity), so much as not having good drainage.

Place your pot on top of small pebbles so there is a gap that the excess water can drain.

There are even aquatic variants, that are grown bare root in water.

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Any luck in your planing of Pandan. I am also looking to plant this and I am in Toronto. Do you or anyone know whether this plant in available for sale in Canada? Too much trouble going thru custom if it is US. Many, many thanks.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Does anyone know where I can get a Pandan plant? Thanks

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Can anyone help me locating a source for a pandan plant in San Jose, California area? I have been looking around for a while and came up empty. Thank you all!

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john_dr(SEQLD AUST)

I do not know much about growing pandanus indoors however pandanus grow where I live. The natural conditions they grow in are full sun in a hot and humid climate. They also seem to grow on the beach in sand which would indicate they tolorate salt in the soil. The fruit resembles a pinapple and I belive was eaten by aborigines and pacific islanders. As a source of pandanus it may be possible to buy these fruits in a specialist store

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Where can I get a pandan plant in Toronto? Please forward info to

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I just got a pandanus plant which I am trying to grow indoors as I live in Switzerland. It's wilting and I don't know why. It's in moist soil, the aerial roots are in the soil, I even took off the bottom leaves to give it more of a chance but it still looks like it will not survive. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can save this treasured plant? It started it's life in Malaysia.Thank you!

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You have one out of more than 700 species of Pandanus. It might help if you could tell which of those species you have. Do you have photos? They grow in all sorts of habitats. Where (and how) did you get it? I have 8 different species, and they're not all growing in the same conditions (otherwise I'd probably have less than 8 species by now). But in general, the main things are to keep them very warm and the humidity high.

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