Cutting back Rusellia equiformatis "firecracker" after freeze

airedale689January 12, 2014

My firecracker looks ok. There is a lot of green stems but some of them are brown. I had about 4 plants in a Jack Daniels barrel nestled around many other ornamental grasses.

Should I cut it all the way back to encourage new growth? Or just leave it as is? And how fast does it grow?

Thanks so much!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I think the best protection for most any tropical plant is to keep it dry , covering works wonders down to hard freeze .
I generally leave damaged leaves until frost danger has passed . Pruning causes stress and they don'r need more .
You don't mention where you live but winter has just begun in the northern hemisphere lol
I have had russelia survive with minimal damage down to 27 and recovered immediately. Of course potted plants are more susceptible to cold Good luck with it!!! gary

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I live in Jacksonville Florida... actually right next to the beaches! So a bit warmer than Jax proper ! Thanks for the advice. I have it in a whiskey barrel outside

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