elephant ear question

urbangarden718January 26, 2013

Hi, I made the mistake of putting my elephant ear plant outside this morning for an hour (it was 25 degrees) to drain the water from the planter. I know, it was a bad decision. The leaves are pretty damaged and a couple are completely wilted. This plant tends to start new leaves by splitting and the only one that hasn't split looks pretty wilted.

Should I keep taking care of it in the hopes it will somehow comeback? I'm pretty sure this plant can still keep going but I'm wondering whether I should just cut off the wilted leaves or leave them be for awhile in hopes they will come back.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

If they were wilted from lack of water, I'd say leave them. But in this case, it sounds like the cells in the leaf were burst by freezing, and won't come back.

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trim the worst leaves off leave the best 1 or 2..lots of light warmth and no water till it puts out a new leaf. if you keep putting the water to it you will get rot since it has very little leaf to take any energy and use the water.

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Thank you both for your feedback, I ended up cutting off the two completely wilted leaved and left the two semi wilted leaves I left the stem long on the one that will hopefully produce a new leaf.

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