bromeliads outside?

grantime(8b)August 24, 2006

are there any varities of bromeliads that will survive outside year round in zone 8B


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Most will survive in shade or semi-shade in any climate in the spring, summer, and fall.

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Mine survived the snowstorm we had at Christmas two years ago here in Houston. It was a pretty brief storm and they do have some protection from a large tree but still I was quite amazed that they made it thru without any problems. I didn't even cover them.

Plant them with a little protection against a tree or shrub and keep out of direct North wind (which is what I have) and they may do just fine as long as you don't have temperatures below freezing for a couple or more days.

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mike_marietta_sc_z8a(z8a upstate SC)

Beside the usual Tillandsia usneoides, I'm have been growing Bilbergia nutens and Fascicularia bicolor outside in zone 8a for several years. Yucca Do Nursery sells a lot of zone 8b hardy bromeliads.

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