anyone had luck growing these?

trillium15(z5a Ontario)January 28, 2009

Hi. I just bought a handful of seeds from a place in the UK and I'm hoping to grow them here as an indoor tropical, since our weather doesn't allow for outdoor plantings of these type.

Just curious if anyone's had luck growing the following and how long it took from germination to flower?

Banana Passionflower (passiflora Mollissima)

Cat's Whiskers (White Bat Plant)

Pink Velvet Banana

Parrot's Beak

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The 'Velutina' or the Pink velvet banana should do 'OK' if it is warm, bright and humid in your greenhouse/house. And while they are interesting plants, the bloom last a very short time.
As to length of time to bloom, it will depend on your growing conditions.
As to the Banana Passionflower, it probably won't produce fruit, but should produce some nice blooms.
Easier to grow outside!

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