Night Blooming Jasime Not Blooming

mkt04August 3, 2004

I'm sort of new to gardening so I don't know if this is natural or something I'm doing. I bought a night blooming jasmine in full bloom about 3 months ago. It was great, but the blooms fell off a few weeks after planting it in a pot on my back deck. Besides a few meager blooms a few weeks later it has not bloomed again since. I water it about 3 times a week and it gets a mixture of direct sun and shade throughout the day. It's still healthy and shooting out vines all the time. Just no flowers.

Any advice?

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wilmington_islander(9A/Sunset 28)

Mine is in the ground, but LOVES fertilizer.

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binsb(Southern CA)

I bought mine earlier in the Spring and it flowered & scented the air for about a week and then nothing...until a month ago when it started producing blooms again. For the last few weeks, the flowers are profuse...and now it's dwindling down again. From what I understand, it should start up again. When I lived in Santa Barbara, the only time I remember NOT smelling it was January-April.

I did plant mine in the ground this does enjoy a good soak & fertiler. I just use Miracle Grow - it was after that that I got the punch of blooms & scent.

Good luck!

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wanda(Z9 CA)

It's probably putting it's energy into getting it's roots established, especially you planted it in a much larger pot than the one it was in.


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wilmington_islander(9A/Sunset 28)

They go through "flushes" like brugs. Mine is 7 feet tall and wide and when in full bloom can be smelled easily 1/2 a mile away when the wind is right. My next flush should be ready in about 2 or 2 weeks.

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