Please help me save my jasmine

memder(GHZ6)January 12, 2009

Hi, everyone. This seedling is a sambac grande duke. And i have it for about half an year.

It is loosing all of its leaves. First the leaf stalks get soft and dried, followed by dried/withered leaves. Now it does not have may leaves left.

Can any one tell me what is wrong? How to deal with it? Thanks very much.

A withered leaf

Leaf stalks without leaves

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By the way I am in philly and this plant is kept in door now.

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On my jasmine this seems to happen quite naturally, and it also loses leaves in the way you describe. But this happens on the lower branches that are out of the sun.

So my guess is that your plant is not getting enough sun.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jasmine indoors

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I - 2nd Julian's advise about the sun.
Down here in Florida, we grow these in the full sun.
They bloom all summer.
They do loose about 1/2 their leaves in the wintertime,
mainly the older, bottom leaves.
That's normal.
Did you stop feeding it?
It still should be given a small amount
of a 3 month fertilizer along with
as much natural sun/ light as you can................cheryl

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Thank you all.
I did put it back on a south window. But one day later,it lost all its leaves.
Is there still any hope? :(

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