What 's making EE's flop?

DISSmith(z8b SC)August 30, 2006

I have 3 Elephant Ears plants in part to nearly full shade that I just planted in early July. They've been doing great and putting out new growth, but the past few days I've noticed some of the lower leaves/shoots(?) have flopped over at a point 'bout 4" from the ground. Not the little ones just coming up but bigger ones, which look fine (no wilting or spots) but just have flopped over to the ground. I thought I was watering them alot - maybe too much, basically every day. now I'm not sure?

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It's my experience that you can't water elephant ears too much. I replanted mine last year after a hurricane had whipped them around pretty badly and they looked scragly. I put unfinished compost (mainly kitchen scraps such as cobs from corn on the cob, onion and other veggie peelings, etc.) in the bottom of the hole before I put the bulbs (or korms?) back in and covered with dirt. Boy howdy! did they ever like that compost. They have never grown so big and strong. I'm wondering if yours need some good fertilizer, maybe fish emulsion or manure or something very organic. Try giving them a BUNCH of rich fertilizer of some kind. That's my advice. Maybe coffee grinds from Starbucks (which they give away for free)? I don't think it can hurt. Good luck.

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

I put coffee grinds on my Gardenias but it hadn't occurred to me to try 'em on EEs. I actually haven't fertilized these plants at all since they went into the ground so I will try your suggestions. Thanks for the reply!

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master_gardner_nick(zone 9 fla)

definitely from water stress....ee's will grow "in"water if you let them....they flop when they dry out, even for a day...good luck

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

Thanks Nick!

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