overwintering non hardy plants

zonedoutAugust 29, 2009

I would like to know if Oleanders or other non hardy shrubs can be overwintered in the same way as we protect fig trees here in North NJ?

My neighbor wraps his in burlap or a painters cloth each Fall after leaves have dropped and then makes a cocoon around the fig tree. He fills the inside with stray/ hay and carefully seals it up, then places a plastic tub on top as a cap.

In the late Spring he unwraps it and sometimes the tree sprouts leaves from existing branches other years it comes up new from the roots

Thanks from NJ

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I actually saw in my area a huge fig tree next to an even larger orleander. I think they can be protected the same way as fig trees, only you may have to add a heat source (probably best to wrap x-mas lights around the burlap to keep it warmer). Also mulch it well because sometimes orlanders die to ground, but can still come back up in the spring (after you take the mulch off).

I would look for orleander cultivators such as "hardy red". Their are a few of them out their that claim to be more cold tolerant than the rest but I dont know them off hand.
Good luck, and also I would plant it in the spring so it gets established for the winter.

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I have read the advice given on this topic but as I live in the U.K. I may have to do things a little differently.
I plan to place my plants inside a temporary greenhouse
(soft plastic covered) outside the rear of my house. Each pot will have 4 support canes around which I will wrap a layer of fleece and over the tops. The temperature in the U.K. can drop well below the -5 deg. tolerance level of these plants. What do you think my chances are of saving the.

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I am wondering if I can overwinter an Ensete banana, it is a zone 8 hardy plant and I am zone 6. The trunk or Rhizome is as wide as a shovels digging end. It is about as tall as me 5'3. Our first frost is POSSIBLE this coming Friday 4 days from now, I haven't done anything yet. Arctictropical if I remember the name right, digs and protects his in zone 4. I was hoping I could not disturb the roots but still cover/protect mine.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

That's a tall order poaky1!
You'll never know til you try!
I got zone 9 hardy EE to pop back up in z6!
I never expected that!
They can retreat underground, so can you ensete! But it's not so happy to it!

I think if you wanted to try, arctictropical has another strategy that might work for it!
He basically builds custom sized styrofoam cooler from panels of styro and lumber, and installs a heat source, looks like he uses a light fixture and an incandescent bulb, I think the new halogens would make enough heat too, seal it up real good at ground level, and viola! A mini, well insulated greenhouse!
If your really attached to the plant, I wouldn't try it, I don't think it has a great chance if success, but I'm sure if you follow his instructions on digging them that they would fine.

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Grabmebymyhandle, how did you overwinter your EE in zone 6 without digging? I have some Styrofoam handy actually. My mom just bought a kitchen island that came in several boxes lined with Styrofoam sheets. I will be trying to make a box for my Needle palm with one of the wooden frames in the box. Maybe the Ensete would need it worse. The Needle palm may be ok with burlap and some lights.

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Well, I was too slow to grab up some of the wood and styro. my brother burned some of the wood. The styro is mostly gone. I am thinking of 4 stakes some leaves/ straw and burlap wrapping it up. I may as well get the straw before I clean out my car. Scion xa hatchback. It really needs cleaned. I have locally collected Pine straw in bags, the bags sometimes let out some needles. I may as well collect all I need THEN clean out the trunk/hatchback area. I must say forsuch a small car I have fit many things in here that you would think wouldn't fit. A Newfoundland dog + many bags of leaves/ mulch bags, groceries.

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