can Maranta leuconeura be planted outside?

DISSmith(z8b SC)August 1, 2006

I just received a gift "dish garden" that contains a Red Prayer Plant and a Diffenbachia. Anyone know if either of these would survive in shade in the ground in zone 8b?

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

Until winter, yes. Treat as annuals or dig 'em up

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bihai(zone 9)

I threw some old Maranta out onto the compost pile last year and its growing out there now. Its smaller than it was but definitely survived the winter. I think it went dormant then came back. Its under the canopy of a large Beautyberry. I was surprised.

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

So there's hope. Hmmm. I have two so perhaps I'll leave one out with lots of mulch and bring one in when the time comes. Hedge the bet, so to speak.
Thanks for both replies!

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