hass avacado questions advice and tips

sandy_eggo_gardenerJanuary 22, 2008

I bought a hass avacado but im waiting to plant it till the weather warms up. Im just seeing who has tips on lcation to plant in the yard when to plant fertlzing watering etc. I'm thinking of planting it against a south facing fence that gets full sun winter and summer or on he opposite side of the yard that gets shade during the winter months since its on the north side of the fence. I plan on waiting till all chance of possible frost is done sometime in early feb.any tips would be great. I live in bland San deco county the avacado capital of the u.s so it should do well. Thanks for everything this forums have been a great help!

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Hi Sandy, Sorry I don't have the 'right' kind of experience with Hass, but I did plant one in front of my house. I assume you should wait to plant inground when the weather is better. In 1999, I planted my Hass, that came in a 5-gal. container, in the middle of the yard on the westside of the house. It is in full sun all the time; our cold weather is not affecting it at all, and it is not in a protected environment. I have never fertilized it and it has grown large and has produced every year now for the past four years. Hopefully someone will give you 'professional' info.

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i grew a 3ft avocado tree from a pit. it was doing great while i lives in california then i moved out to nebraska and within days all the leaves fell off and died and now the tree just sits there looking like a skeleton. when i 1st got to nebraska it was below freezing so i kept it in the garage, then it looked like it died now the temp is up and iwater it and it gets tons of sun everyday and still nothing. and also all over the tree, like on the branch times there is some sort of white powdery stuff. what is that? did my tree die? or isthere something i can do for it???

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