Pineapples - temperature range tolerated

knoxvillegardener(7a)August 21, 2010

I've got a couple of baby pineapple plants growing that I started from pineapple tops (cut off of the fruit).

What is the temperature range these will take? (Specifically, the minimum temperature?)

Obviously they won't take the winters around here.

I'm wondering if they just need to be kept above freezing (in which case they could be in a greenhouse, once I get one), or if they need to be kept above some higher minimum level (e.g. 50 F), in which case they would need to overwinter in a pot in the house.

Any insight into this?

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My pineapples always look bad when temperatures dip to about 40F ( even lost one at 40F once!). I suggest keeping them above 45 at ALL times and its best if they are above 50F. In a sheltered spot (mine was completely exposed to wind), it could probably handle the mid 30s but I dont think they would like a frost despite looking like pretty hardy plants! they do, however, make great house plants by a nice bright window and even better potted plants outside when summer comes.
PS, my pineapples were also started from tops (I do that practically everytime I get a pineapple, lol).
Good luck!

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