Castor bean wanted, different colors

jerryngeorgia31557(8)September 12, 2009

I am looking for some castor beans from all colors. I appreciate you looking.

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josephine_sc(7/8 Clemson, SC)

Try ebay.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Shouldn't be hard to find seeds. There are a few varieties available including a reddish leaf type and one called giant zanzibar castor bean. Most are easy to start from seed so you may just want to do an internet search for 'castor bean seed sale' or something similar and see what it calls up. You'll get a variation of websites with info on the bean as well as seed companies selling seeds. Ebay is also a fairly good place to get seeds, some of the seed companies also sell on there as well.

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I have seed of red and pink leaved ones. The seed pods are bright red or bright pink. For sale or trade.

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magickiwi(Zone 5 Michigan)

There is someone selling seeds on Ebay.
I bought some on there for next year.
I just checked my stash and I have a mix of several different types and I will be willing to share a few of each with you if you would like - no guarantees tho as I bought them, didn't grow them. I am sure they are last years seeds as I bought them this spring - just didn't get around to planting them.

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Pinetree Seeds has all the varieties, and J.H. Hudson, Seedsman has the huge Zanzibar (both online). One year I save a ton of seeds in a plastic bag with all kinds of temp & humidity, & they all grew well. They are in a hard coating, & soaking & starting indoors is a good idea. I have seen very tall perrenial ricinus 'trees' around Puerto Vallarta Mexico, & they are magnificent. Wish I could do that!

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hello, iam looking to buy different colored castor bean plants please. such as maroon, blue, purple, etc. please email me back if anyone has any for sale. thank you very much, rennea burgess. phone number 863-683-8711. lakeland, florida 33805.

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hi, iam looking to buy rainbow eucalyptus trees, and false aralia plants/trees. i live in lakeland, florida 33805. phone number is 863-683-8711. thank you very much, rennea burgess.

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er. i really wouldnt give your name and number out on a public forum, usually email is the best way to contact people.

anyway theres a top tropical website that has rainbow eucalyptus trees for comparatively cheap for what i bought mine locally.

we are not supposed to link businesses here but you can google top tropical nursery

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