Any way to store croton for the winter in dark/cool basement?

glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)September 15, 2008

I understand Croton needs great light/humidity indoors. If I store it indoors as a houseplant, will it lose most of it's leaves adjusting to the poorer light and will it regrow them? When it goes outside next spring into the brighter light will it do the same thing once again?

Is there anyway to store the plant, say, in a dark and cool basement where it will basically do the same thing, lose it's leaves but survive dormant and resprout next spring?

I have a beautiful croton in a pot on the deck and am debating on if I should try to save it for next year, to use as a deck plant. The thing is, if it comes though winter but looks scraggly and doesn't quite recover to it's current glory, then it might not be worth the effort as I would probably just buy a new one to use next year. It's sort of a shame though.

Any advice is appreciated as we are getting closer to our first frost and I have to make a decision. I wouldn't mind saving all the plants that are outside, but can't because of limited indoor space.



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I don't think the basement will work.

If you have a really bright sunny window you might winter indoors in the window.

Depends on how humid you keep your home, I keep mine high in the winter. The house feels warmer and the plants stay happier.

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