Just got a Pachira (Money Tree) need some advice

Stevi_KJanuary 23, 2006

I just got my first Pachira and want to know what type of soil I should use. It came with a little card with its light and water care but don't say anything about soil.

How fast do they grow? Does anyone have one that has ever bloomed?

I also see there are two speices Pachira Microcarpa and Pachira Aquatica, how does one know which one you have?


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Hi Stevi,
I have 2 Pachira Aquatica, I only know because they came labeled! I would have guessed that Aquatica would have been native to a wet environement but based on my experience that is not true. I have mine in indirect light, very close to windows that do no get afternoon sun. I rotate the pots about once a week and only water thoroughly maybe once or twice a month. They have never bloomed in the maybe 1 1/2 years I've had them. The label did say to mist, but I don't. I once placed it outside on the patio where some direct sun hit the leaves and they fried up and bleached white so bad, I did not think the plant was going to be able to recover. it took a long time but it did...I'm lucky it wasn't out there even an hour longer!

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HI thanks for your email.
I am glad your Pachira recoverd. Any special potting soil?
When you put your Pachira outside did you do it slowly? When I first put my plants back out in late spring I put them on the porch first and then slowly let them get more sun over a week or so. Otherwise they do burn.


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Bill(z10 swFL)


I had a pachira aquatica until hurricane Charley. Mine was grown in the ground with no special care. Our environment here is zone 10, very wet summers, and well draining soil. Not sure how much help that is for growing in your area. I did find the tree undemanding. I grew mine from seed, and it was about 20' tall when it was destroyed. It flowered for years, and produced many seed pods also. The tree had a nice rounded shape, attractive foliage, and bloomed periodically different times of the year. The flowers were unusual and attractive. I am growing a new one now, but it is too small to flower.


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Mine (Pachira Aquatica)is about 15 ft tall and produces many flowers but has yet to set fruit. It is beginning to form that butressed trunk and is a striking tree. Seems to love water but also doesn't seem to mind periodic droughty conditions. Hurricane Wilma gave it a bit of a ragged appearance but it is recovering well, and the beautiful symetrical structure is intact. Everyone who can, should have a Provision Tree!

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WEll-draining soil is very important..if there's one thing Pachira doesn't like it's wet feet.
Most die because they drown.
I think this plant prefers a semi=humid atmosphere so it should be misted and/or a humidifer in the same room. Toni

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Bill(z10 swFL)

I am curious about the last post. I think it would be unusual that a tree with the species name "aquatica" would not like wet feet. You would think the opposite would be true.

I can't agree or disagree however, since although mine was planted in a low spot that held more water than any other spot in my yard, in my area of Florida everything is well draining since the soil is mostly sand.


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A Quote from Floridata.com concerning P. aquatica: "Pachira aquatica prefers a site that is flooded much of the time and may develop stilt roots under such conditions. Like most swamp trees, it is likely to grow faster if planted where the water will recede and let the roots get some oxygen now and then."

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So how do you tell which type of Pachira you have? There are 3 of them 1-Aquatica, 2-Grandiflora, and Macrocarpa

All mine said was Pachira here is a link to a picture of mine. You may have to copy and paster it.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Pachira

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does money plants have edible fruit?

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It'll have a large brown oblong seed pod filled with quite a few chestnut-colored seeds. YOu roast the seeds (nuts). They don't taste good.

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I've had my money tree for quite a while now and I've put up some info on what I've done (and learnt) to take care of it on my blog.

In case you want to check it out (I have a photo as well), you can go to:

Of course, I'm no pro, just personal experience. I see there's a lot of pro's with experience here. Learning tons, so thanks for that...


Here is a link that might be useful: Money Tree - Pachira Aquatica

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i recently purchased a money tree from a local store- i place it on my enclosed screend deck with indirect sunlight- the leaves now have white and brown spots on them- what is going on and what can i do--move it inside? very little water has been added-=-write me direct at ehollis@aol.com if possible

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Ed, are the white and brown spots inbedded in foliage or do they move?

Bill, I'd have to say, watering depends on where one lives. I've talked to people who grow Pachira in cold, dry climates much like where I live, (IL.) Those Pachira's watered heavily in winter died..
I'm sure it's different in places like Fl and Ca..
But when one grows a Pachira indoors in winter, overwatering can cause yellow leaves, and even death. Toni

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is it normal for my money tree to have 6 leaves???

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If you dont pot them up,they reduce like Bonsai. As a matter of fact, they make great Bonsai with their fat trunks.

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Actually I think they taste pretty good raw somewhat like a peanut. I have 3 the tallest about 15 ft and they have been fruiting for a few yrs now.3 hurricane eyes did not budge them and they were about 8 yrs old then.

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hi i collected some seeds in HongKong and i want to know how to grow it frm seeds pls let me know thanks.

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I received one as a present with braided truck. It grew quite well so I replanted from tbe decrotive pot it was in. Can it grow to be a full size tree with the braided truck?

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Hey. I just bought a pachira aquatica from a store and im not sure how to raise it. I am thinking along the lines of:
water once a week
mist once a week
3-5" pot
indirect sunlight in summer/winter; direct in spring/fall
watered from bottom

apparently it is native to wetlands so i am going to try more water...i hope it grows for a long time.

is it bad to have a few shriveled leaves here and there?
Also: it came with a tie to keep it braided; i loosened it and i saw indents in the trunk! will that harm the tree?
Just in case i loosened it.

Thanks ahead, A.B.

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