just curious about regional plant costs...

bihai(zone 9)January 22, 2007

I bought this 3 gallon plant group today from my favorite local independent nursery. It contains:

3 noce Dieffenbachia "Marie"

2 REALLY NICE Alocasia rugosa

1 large trailing begonia type plant

I am NOT going to tell (yet) how much it cost. I want you to tell me what you THINK it would cost in your area, or what you think it might cost based on what it contains and its size. And lastly, what YOU would have paid for it (if you liked it enough to buy it) I am just curious about differences in prices of plants across the US

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You paid? $24.99
In S. Florida? $29.99
I would pay? $19.99

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Is it in a regular black plastic pot or something different?

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depends on the nursery... some of them will sell the dieffenbachia for $10 some $20... they are pretty common here, so people shouldn't pay THAT much. Don't know about the alocasia... never shopped for one in a nursery here.

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bihai(zone 9)

Regular black plastic 3 gal nursery pot.
Yes, the dieffenbachia is pretty common, depending on the size, they sell alone here from about $5.99-15.99. The alocasia rugosa, however, is more difficult to find "just laying about" and individual plants in 6" containers commomly sell for $9.99-15.00 each if they are available here. Much smaller plants than these sell for somewhere between that by mail order. I don't know about the pink trailing begonia-like thingie, I am not even sure what it is.
Let me say this: I was surprised at the cost of this arrangement.

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lol I like these games.... ok so you were surprised by the cost and you bought it...which means that it was a good deal. Its not the most common dief, but fairly common, but you are right-that A. rugosa is unusual...but they bought it as a TC plant for about .80 cents ( give or take 20 cents),the diefs were cuttings, so I am going to go with $ 14.99. That may be too low ( guess I am thinking that I wouldn't have paid $ 20 for it-but diefs aren't my thing-although I am starting to get into calatheas! lol)

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Could we get a closer picture of the pink thingie?

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bihai(zone 9)

I'll try to get out there to get a closer shot of the pink thing. Its some sort of trailing begonia type plant. I'm sure its probably a fairly common hanging basket plant but I don't know its name. Its pouring rain at the moment, will try later

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bihai(zone 9)

Here's the purple hanging thingie

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lol I hope they deducted from the price to include that plant....is it too late to change my price to 12.99? Maybe its just me, but that plant doesn't get me excited. I did see a nice size dief at Lowes for $ 8 today.

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I think that one may be an episcia species. They grow as ground cover.

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bihai(zone 9)

You know I have a bunch of Episcias. You may be right, Trini, this resembles that a lot, but would be one I don;t have. I do think its a gesneriad of some sort. Episcias around here sell for between $5-7 for a 4" container.

Anyway, I won't keep you in suspense any longer, because I can see that not many people are actually interested in this little game....the plants were $18 already planted in the 3 gal pot. The nice size of the Alocasia rugosas would have had them selling locally for probably $9.99 each, actually, I have never seen them locally anywhere) so I feel I got my dollar's worth. The dieffenbachia, I like because I didnlt have that one (even though its fairly common)

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

Do you think it's possible that that little purple thingie is an Aluminum plant. Pilea Cadierei?


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Barb, that was my second guess. It looks alot like that too.

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I'm pretty sure the plant pictured in the post just before this one, is a Pilea, though it's most likely one of the newer cultivars perhaps of the Aluminum plant. There are of course many varieties and species of the Pileas, so it could be a distinct species. I see looking at one site , there's a similar plant that looks to have more chocolate or maroon leaves, that's very similar and that one is Pilea "involucrata".

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I think you got a good deal, and the color combo is fantastic! I saw a small starter plant of Alocasia rugosa online for $15; Dieffenbachia might be common to some, but for a 6" and up pot, it can cost several $. I've had a small pot of the purple plant that I planted outside under shade, but don't know the name and it certainly is not a begonia.

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

Well now that we've established what it might be, I'll give you a dollar for it and expect change. :) Seriously I find you can buy some plants and pay a fortune and they are as common as dirt but people buy them anyway. People are still buying plants which invasive here in Florida!
I usually shop at my local Walmart because their garden center is great I think because the manager knows something about plants and there is no other place other than HD or Lowes.
One time when I went to an orchid show one of the vendors had paphs. SHe had obviously bought them from Walmart because the tags were the same, pots everything except the price which was higher of course.
I guess the price is determined by what the market will bear.


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