Adenium- Desert Rose from Adenium Ko

radovanJanuary 18, 2008

I am sooooooooooooo happy! Last week I ordered 3 Adenium plants from Adenium Ko from Taiwan. I have already got them.

They look sooooooo big, sooooooo healthy and they were not expensive, shipping cost me just around $25.00?

Nicely packed and with phytosanitary certificate. The seller did a very great job. They informed me every step of the way.

Now it's all upon me will I know how to grow them?

Please, if you have any suggestions please post them.

Thank you very much, Radovan

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suggestion: do not try to get them to start growing yet, wait until it is warmer and you can put them outside. A jump-start indoors in April makes sense to me.

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xerophyte_nyc, what should I do? They are not planted yet, they are sitting in the open box in the laundry room. I plan to plant them tomorrow. They do not have any soil on them, they are bare rooted. Will they die if I keep them to long without any soil?

Thank you very much,

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I have bought 20 plus grafted Adeniums from KO sense Jan 08 ! His plants are the best. First I bought two to see, then 4, then 6 then a box of ten and so on. Each box oepend I said WOW.
I plant mine up never mind weather outside give them a warm sunny window over head grow light mine bloom and grow year round. I have on Adenium over 3 feet tall and bloomed all Winter, blooming and new budding now still never stops. We trans-plant it twice a year.
We use Jungle Growth mixed with 50 percent Perlite for all Adeniums and seedlings.
Do like Mr. Ko Says pot them up in good draining rich soil. Water threw good once I water with hot water. Put in warm sunny window, grow lights even on heat mat.
When you see soil all dry or leaves coming out it's time for regular watering and feeding program.
These plants are not cactus and love water !

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Radovan, I'd pot them up ASAP..Any bare-root plant out of soil/water may eventually harm roots, pot up in proper soil..Give a hearty drink..I'd add 1/4 strength fertiizer, but please make sure it's well-diluted. If you use Superhtrive, add a few drops per gallon of water. You can mix fertilizer and ST in the same container.
Last year, I got bare root variegated Adenium and 2 Thai Crown of thorns..So far so good. I've since got 4 more COT's (on their way now)..bought at via Ebay.

Precious, what type of soil is Jungle Mix? Is it rich?
Where is KO? Do they have a website? I'm interested in succuelents, always looking for a new nursery..
Preceious, you say Adeniums love water? Really? Do you mean, watering heavy when dry or keeping soil moist at all times? Because they're succulents, I water well but let dry until soil is very dry, and little fertilizer during growing season..Do you know something I don't? LOL..Are your Adeniums grown outdoors year round or inside during winter then out in summer? Because I'm in Il, plants are set out weather permitting..which equals approximately 6? months, some plants 7 months..from Nov-Apr/May, plants are inside..Once temps dip in the 40's at night, plants come in..during spring, plants go out when temps reach 60+..
Do you guys keep Desert Rose/Adeniums in direct sun in summer?
One more thing..Precious, you said you transplant Adenium every two years? What is the largest pot your Adenium is in? I thought they liked being rootbound.. Thanks, Toni

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I bought seeds fom him too last spring. The seedling grew healty until winter. Unfortunately, none of them survived.

I also purchased plants from Walmart and Smart as the pictures below. They were ended the same. I lost all of them.

I will move soon to southern CA which is warmer than where I live now. Will try again to grow them next Spring.

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Sen, why are you Desert Roses dying? Do you leave them out all winter? In the cold? If you leave out, keep soil wet, and temps dip under 40, there's a good chance they're rotting..or freezing. I love your DR's..leaves look different. One is round, the other long. I've never seen a DR with long leaves. Where did you find such a nice plant? Toni

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