Saraca, Brownea and Amherstia

locoencoco(Miami, FL. Zone 10b)January 21, 2007

Anyone in South Florida area growing these trees? Looking for pointers as I have small specimins of each but have not put them in the garden yet.

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My understanding of the amherstia is that is does not want anything under 55 degrees. So it would need protection in your winters. Probably best kept as a potted plant.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Can't help with the problem but am curious as to where you foung tham.?? gary

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gary, I can't post their name on GardenWeb, but one nursery has jsut moved from Davie to Punta Gorda (TT)... Also try Bloomin' Good Nursery--always great source of toprical flowering trees.

Have Amherstia nobilis in ground, now 24" (SLOW!), and takes temps into low and mid-40s fine, note that they do NOT get any cold N or NW winds.

ALso jsut recently got a 5' Saraca indica, 3 gal pot.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I noted those in their catalog.i cringe at 25 dollars for a plant though i once gave 50 for an orchid lol.
I think these are way out of my league lol I haven't even mastered the Gardenia yet!!
Is Bloomin' good still operating? can't seem to access the website?? They had a fantastic catalog though I never ordered from them.
Hope these do well for you guys. Don't think i'd be brave enough to put them in the ground in Palm Beach county.

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Gary, Bloomin Good is still around for certain!
Look for them in person at the plant sales--then you can get direct info on plants and new introductions.

Are you in inland Palm Beach County? If you're coastal or southeastern county, you're in zone 10B--which would be quite adequate for the Saraca AND the Brownea. It's the Amherstia that's the baby when it comes to cold, the other two are much better adapted to temps into low 40s.

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Hi, all-
I just joined this site last night. I've been growing Saraca, Brownea, Browniopsis, Maniltoa and Amherstia now for three years in the greenhouse up here in Illinois. My Amherstia apparently seems to like where it's at and puts out new flushes of growth frequently. The last time it flushed out sets of leaves from all 5 branches- simultaneously! Even the new growth is beautiful, despite what they say about the leaves being plain! I received it grafted and it's now 6 plus feet tall and 7 feet wide...

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have you had any flowers yet on the Amherstia?? What is it grafted with and what is the purpose??
I had always thought it a high altitude plant coming from Myanmar but I've seen pix of one in Singapore so it obviously likes heat
Supposedly someone in Ft. Lauderdale actually had it flower. There were some pix but have been unable to locate them again. Sounds like yours is doing great!!
Longwood i'm about a mile from the sea in Palm Beach gardens but I distinctly remember it dropping to 27 for almost 2 hours ,1982 i think. Sooner or later that's going to happen again don't you think?? gary

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Hi, gary
Thanks for the message.
No, the Amhertia has not bloomed for me yet. I was incorrect when I stated it was grafted. It was air-layered off the mother tree. Apparently this air-layer had bloomed before, so this spring I'll be cutting down some vines up on the ceiling to let in a bit more light and see what happens!
I dont know about the high altitude thing. My GH has been dropping into the low 60's at night b/c of the brutal cold in the area (-16F!) And that's not even wind chill! The two furnaces in the GH have had a hard time keeping things warm at night and some new little leaves on the Amherstia have started to drop. It doesn't like the cooler air or drafts.
I actually saw that tree in bloom while visiting the Singapore Bot Gardens in '99. There was even a seed pod hanging above, but alas, nothing lying around to dislodge it!
Know what you mean about the cold temps coming back around. It's been 10 years since this area has been this cold and I think a number of my zone 6 plants wont make it through this winter. That's the gamble you take if you dont plant within your zone!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

That was my misconception about Amherstia. I read Burma and immediately thought of the Himalayas. High altitude would explain why it's so rare. But apparently it's a lowland tropical even reacting to the low 60's. If I had one I'd probably take it to bed with me if
Been hearing about the brutal winter. We've had the warmest winter I can remember yet at the same time much cooler daytime. Not warm enough for an Amherstia in the yard though.. Good luck with yours. gary

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katyrarefruitgrower(Central Florida)

I am looking for a source for Amherstia plants? Anyone have them forsale or trade?


Ed Self
Katy, Tx

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frankies nursery

Here is a link that might be useful: frankies nursery

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Hi there, i am looking for someone in the Cairns, Australia region growing An Amherstia. Can anyone help me, thanku

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