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bigpinksFebruary 5, 2013

Do you have a favorite that gets softball size? Do you sucker? If so, how many from each plant? I grow Mr Stripey and usually have about a dozen plants. 3 or 4 will fail miseraby but the others will usually producemaybe 6-10 fruit from two or three stems maybe averaging 14 oz. I love the taste of these just as much as Cherokee Purple or Mortgage Lifter. I know this is an old subject but I am really bored and have a bad case of tomato fever. I received the TGS catalogue in the mail today and it set me off. Sorry. My primary goal for 2013 is to learn to post pictures. I retired May 2010 and after removing two gigantic pin oaks have had three really nice gardens. I am weighing tomatoes these days and have been getting a couple each yr over two pounds. I want to post a pic this summer of a big pink or bi-color on my Paula Dean scales. Or maybe a C Purple if I get a large one. Whats the best red yellow?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Look at Copia, Big Rainbow, or my personal favorite - Pineapple. All are better than Mr. Stripey IMO although I only did Copia 1x.

Pineapple gave me approx. 20 fruit from one vigorous plant last year and 3 of them were close to 2 lbs. I plan to plant 6-8 of them this year.


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I like Pineapple but in my garden I dont get any red with them...just the yellow. I have bought plants and started from seed. Maybe I pick them too soon? Also not as big as Mr Stripey but more productive. Thanks.

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If you want better flavor go with Lucky Cross.

I get good production out of them.

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Another vote for Lucky Cross, and if you like big ones, try Virginia Sweets. If you want a big oxheart bi-color, try Orange Russian 117.

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