Can't get blooms

timed(z6 NY)September 5, 2013

I grow a lot of tropical plant outside in summer (full sun) and winter them under a high intensity light in my basement. Some have not bloomed since the first year I got them (Podranea) some very late in the summer (Duranta, Brugmansia - no buds yet), some have never bloomed ((Solanum rantonnetti). This year I cut back on fertilizer - 1/4 tsp 20-20-20 per gallon of water alternating with plain water. No difference. Some other things bloom extravagantly. All are somewhat pot-bound. Any ideas?

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All I can do is refer you to the container forum.
The people there are very knowledgable, and they can
help you.
Container gardening is totally different than growing in the ground. Totally different requirements entirely.
Don't get overwhelmed reading all the posts, take it a little at a time and you will learn how to grow your container plants so they bloom and grow MUCh better for you.
SOme plants like being pot bound, BUT most don't.
At the very least, I am sure you have to repot them.
Remember, SOIL in the pot, is 90 percent of success in growing plants in containers.
You have to ROOT prune and repot them, you can use the same pot, but root prune them now, and repot in fresh soil, and they discuss what plant food is best in containers, I use Foliage Pro made by Dyna Grow,. It is the best plant food that I ever used, and its concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
Good Luck, I am sure they will do better over the winter.

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