are there attractive covers for yard hydrant?

nancyk(6)November 13, 2010

We are installing two new self-draining outdoor faucets(Home Depot calls them yard hydrants, they are a steel pipe that goes two feet into the ground, four feet above ground, with a lifting handle on top that when you lift it with the water off, the water in the pipe drains from the bottom of the pipe so it will not freeze). One will be near by raised flower beds so I will not have to constantly be dragging the hose back and forth. Are there any kind of alternative handles for these(such as a brass fitting that is easier to look at than the industrial handle that is on the faucet)? I have been unable to find anything.


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Here's my 2 cents: Probably just about anything you do to the hydrant (except maybe covering it with one of those giant fake rocks or hiding it behind shrubs) is just going to draw attention to it. Personally, I'd just leave it as-is and most people will probably not even notice it.

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"leave it as-is" I will probably do that. I have another one in the lower garden and I never give it a second glance. Once I had a brass grouse on an outdoor faucet which looked rather cute and if I could find something similar for this I would get it but after talking with my husband about the operating system of the selfdraining faucet, I doubt the top handle could be replaced.


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