Do you know about the food called 'name'?

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)January 12, 2009

While shopping at a Mexican grocery store today, I came across a brown root called "name" from Costa Rica. It looks similar to taro. Do you know anything about it or how to prepare it?

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Ãame is the Spanish word for Yam..Dioscorea batatas Not related to sweet potato!

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The root is boiled, it can be used in soup like you do taro or potatoes. It is a vine, withstands the dry season without water and produces small tubers on the leafy vines that canbe cooked and eaten to. Not much in flavorinmy opinion. chris

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

We really like it!!! I wonder how easy it would be to grow here in the Dallas area?

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