bird of paradise pictures

flowerchild5(z8or)January 27, 2007

Hello all! I was curious if anyone had any pics of bird of paradise seedlings. I've seen pics of the seeds themselves. They do not look like what I planted. but, I have the cutest seedlings and am really hoping its the real deal. thanks so much!

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

There is something called "Mexican" bird of paradise and the plant has leaves that look like a mimosa trees. The seeds look like little lima beans. It is a Caesalpinia - google that and see if it is what you had.

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I don't think there's much variation in the seeds amonst the "reginaes' so if they weren't very dark to almost black pea sized seeds and round , you most likely have the Caesapinia seeds, and not the one you may have intended. None the less, I've been looking for Caesapinia seeds to try , since those are very lovely flowers and quite spectacular. I'd guess the Caesalpinia seeds would be sort of bean shaped perhaps?

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I've grown white bird of paradise from seeds. The seeds were on the large size (maybe 1/2 the size of a dime)with an orange tuft. The seedlings looked exactly like tiny BOP's!

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This is what BOP seeds look like (Orange and white)

This is a caesalpinia pulcherrima "Bird of Paradise Bush" plant (Yellow/Red flower variety).

Pink variety

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I need to get my "head" together with you cagary perhaps for a seed trade for the Caesalpinia seeds, though I'm not sure what tropical or subtropical seeds I'd have to trade. Most of mine don't produce seeds unfortunately, or rarely!

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well, thanks you! I must have the mexican kind although I thought I had the other. the seedlings do look like little mimosa trees. I really really wanted the other kind. I only had six of these seeds and 4 have germinated so far. I guess I just let them do their thing and enjoy them. Thanks so much!

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