dwarf coconut palm tree mailorder source

dodge7707(missouri)January 13, 2006

does anyone know of a source mailorder for a true coconut palm tree to gro indoors in pot? thanks

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Garden of Delights in FL will send you one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden of Delights

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scaldude(Sunset Z23 SouthOC)

The Home Depot at 24332 El Toro Rd., Laguna Hills, CA carries coconut palms. I doubt they are dwarfs though. It will be hard to get one shipped here from outside the state due to Ag laws. They are about 2 1/2 feet tall in 10 in. pots...under $30. If you don't live in the OC, call first.

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scaldude(Sunset Z23 SouthOC)

Sorry, I just noticed you're in Missouri...maybe too far of a drive. Never mind...LOL

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There is no such thing as a true indoor dwarf coconut palm.

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sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)


I'm from Lake Forest! What a small world! I live in Phoenix now. Just wanted to say hello!

Probably a Dwarf Malayan at Home Depot there (imported from Florida of course).

Ebay has them too.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

no coconut palm will stay small enough to stay indoors.

how about "miniature" coconut palm:


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CoralCoast_Tropicals(z11 Qld, Aust)

There is a true dwarf coconut palm. One that is native to Moa Island in the remote Torres Strait area of Queensland. Will grow, mature and fruit in a large pot!!! I have not seen it growing anywhere outside of it's native Torres Strait Island home. I have been wanting to get back there so I can bring one back to the mainland, hopefully will get there again one day.


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Try Botanical Treasures. They've numerous palms..Toni

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Fruiting Container Coconut. There was a fellow gardenwebber from PR I exchanged emails with a little while ago. One of the subject we talked about was getting a coconut to survive in Calfornia. He mentioned that when he lived in NY, he was able to fruit a coconut in a 50 gallon container(had wheels and everything, haha). It took him 5yrs but he did it. It was some kind of dwarf yellow that he is still growing to this day in PR, he sent pictures of it and it was very dwarf I could see how it fruited in a container. I saved his instructions on his methods and technique for coconut potting survival. I'll look for it and post it.

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those instructions would be good, I'm originally from Bellflower California, now in Nothern Florida, and I have a tree growing in a pot. I will keep it in there until I can't move it around with a dolley.

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I found this thread dated a year ago. I'm interested in finding out how I can make my dwarf Malayan coconut palm fruit in the pot.

Eggo, were you able to post the instructions you got from the gardenwebber from PR who succeeded in making his fruit in the pot? Do you have any of his picture links?

Andrew, were you able to get yours from Torres Strait area of Queensland during the past year?

Toni, I searched for Botanical Treasures. Their website is no longer accessible.

unautre, the photo link of the dwarf coconut tree you provided, does it produce edible fruit that taste like coconut?

I've been trying to search for any info available on any miniature species, but so far, nothing significant. If any one else has any more update or info about this species to contribute to this thread, I'm looking forward to learning more. If only I have the technology to culture one that can grow in a pot and fruit, I think there's going to be a very vast market for it. Hope somebody in agricultural science will see that as a potential research to look into sometime real soon.

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I was a bit confused with your last post. Do you have a dwarf coconut? Do you live in So Cal? If so, where did you get your dwarf? Thanks.

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