dorrJanuary 6, 2008

Anyone know where you can find spice plants and trees? Specifically looking for the tree from which you get nutmeg; myristica fragrans, but any others will be helpfull. I have found a place that has cinnamon but they won't be ready for a few months yet. So in the mean time....any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Google tells me that at least one is available as of now on ebay .... " INDONESIA 25 RUPIAH 1996 BU NUTMEG PLANT" .... not sure of the terminology, but I assume they know their plants.

And it figures....the site we can't talk about seems to sell them in 3 gal pots. Fifty bucks if you've got it.

There are a couple in the UK, but since you seem to live in the US ... slim picking ::

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there's a site that we can't talk about??? I wasn't aware of this..

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dorr, a large tropicals nursery in Florida was banned from Gardenweb years ago, allegedly for spamming. If you try to mention their name in a post, the Gardenweb software refuses to post it, mutters threats and warnings if you try to get around their block. It's a shame, because the nursery has great plants, an excellent, informative website, and an interesting magazine on Tropicals. They even ship during the winter, with hot packs, if needed, which Pine Island refuses to do. A large shipment from them arrived at my house yesterday. (Poor mail carrier couldn't get them out of the truck. I had to pick them up at the post office.)If you email me, I can email you the name privately. We just can't mention it on Gardenweb.

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please can anyone help looking for a nursery/website in the UK preferably in the Yorkshire area but anywhere fine, that specializes in selling spice plants specifically the nutmeg tree myristica fragrans but also cinnamon tree etc

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