Any ideas?

mrostock(8)September 9, 2009

I saw some canna-looking plants at Busch Gardens this past weekend in Williamsburg, and I should have gotten some pictures, but didn't. I really want to get some, but don't know the name of it. It looked like an orange canna, but much thinner. Almost looked like a cross between a canna and a bird of paradise. Anyone have any ideas??

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

When you say "much thinner" do you mean the flowers or the foliage? Was it only the flower that looked like cannas or the whole plant? How tall? Are the leaves all green or variegated? Were they in clumps or single stems? Lot of questions I know, but it might help to ID this plant.

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The flowers and the leaves were thinner. It was about 4 feet tall. The leaves were solid green. They were single stems, but grew in huge clumps, as if they multiplied like cannas. Thanks in advance for helping!!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

With a photo we could help you in a flash. It 'could' have been a Heliconia psittacorum I suppose, but without a photo, it's hard to say.

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YES!! That is it!! Thank you!! You're so good you didn't even need a photo! ;)

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