which fertilizer to use for my tropical fruit plants?

hottielover14January 24, 2007

I have a Vanilla orchid, Banana Tree, Black Pepper Vine, Cocoa Tree, and Miracle Berry tree. Im not sure what fertilizer to get for them? i was thinking about just getting a normal orchid feritilizer like schultz or something. but im not sure what i should use for my other tropical fruit plants, could somebody please help me out?

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Each plant has different needs...for example a banana plant needs a fertilizer heavy on the potassium. I have read that cocoa trees need one with more Nitrogen.... not sure about the others....

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yeah i know they have diff. needs but i was wondering what kind of fert i should get for each of them or some that a couple plants can use? ok thanks heathen that helps a lot :). if anybody else has any other reccomendations for fertilizer for black pepper vines and miracle berry tree? or for my others too?

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ok well i decided to go organic and get some fish/seaweed fert and some kelp meal, crab shell and cottonseed meal to fert all my plants. would that be effective enough on them?

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ihave guava lemon and orange fruit trees,what amount of npk should be added and intervals as 14 36 7.

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