Groundcover Suggestions?

realityfaerySeptember 25, 2013

I posted this in the groundcover forum and got no response, so figured I would try here :)

Hello! I was looking for some groundcover suggestions for my area and for two different areas of the yard. I live in the Central Valley of California, so we get hot summers and cool winters. One area we would like to put groundcover is in a heavily shaded spot in the front yard. It is a flower bed under a tree, but during the fall it loses all of its leaves. So if it can take the sun during the winter or go dormant during that time would be great. The other area is in full sun, so preferably something that can take the intense heat we get here (normally goes over 100F during the summer). I would love if it either reseeds or spreads itself and evergreen, though if I really like it, I will go with an annual. Lastly, we have a tropical theme throughout both the front and back yard. Thank you!

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I looking for the same thing, only I am in San Jose. I am thinking about going with low growing chamomile - I think it's the roman chamomile. For shade, baby's tears is everywhere in the shade down here, it's pretty tropical looking and lush In San Jose and easy to grow in shade- unsure about winter sun, ours is always shaded part time by a fence.
Eager to see what else is suggested.

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Liriope is used everywhere here. There's even a black variety of it, which looks great with stone pavers.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Ice plants (delosperma) for sun, and dwarf sanseveria for shade.

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Thanks everyone! I'll have to look into these :)

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how about perennial peanut for the sun? you can even mow it!
the flowers are edible, taste like peanuts!

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I am zone 6 Pa but I think if you want a yellow groundcover for a moist site Creeping Jenny can be green or Yellow, depending on variety. Maybe the west coast is dry? If you have some steady moisture. Creeping Jenny is great. Ajuga Reptans is worth researching for drier areas. I have Barren Raspberry or something similar under an American Beech. It may not survive ultra drought conditions, but some irrigation after a long drought will make it look good.

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I just thought I'd add that Hoya's are good for warm winter areas, I am not sure on moisture need.

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Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions! I'll take a look at all of them :)

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