Growing Jackfruit in Austin Texas

CandiceRae(8b)January 7, 2013

Hi guys! I've recently developed an interest in cultivating tropical fruit trees. So far I've got a bunch of Papaya, a pineapple, and a Mango that is starting to grow it's first branches. I would like to add Jackfruit to my collection. Living in Austin Tx has it's climate limitations, especially in winter. My papaya seedlings are doing great out in the garden, and have survived several hard freezes with no problem. I moved my Mango seedling indoors until the weather gets a little warmer. I'm wondering if I should grow the Jackfruit in a container, or in the ground on the south side of my house next to my orange tree. I've read that they have very sensitive tap roots, and do not take root pruning well. If I do have to keep it in a container will I be able to keep it under control with regular pruning? Will pruning prevent the tree from producing fruit? Any pointers would be great. I've got my happy little seed soaking away! I hope it germinates! :)

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I know that they aren't the happiest, but I've got a couple of small jackfruits (They grow very fast, and will take off if you give them room to grow. I'm keeping them in the small cups just to slow the growth rates, although they are getting too top heavy so I'll need to pot them soon. The tap root will go a little crazy but if you keep it limited in a pot it should be fine. You may want to put a mesh or something over the pot's drain holes to keep the root from escaping too far.

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Thanks for the tip! We should be getting a greenhouse soon, so maybe it can live in the greenhouse permanently? I think I could fit a 5 to 6 foot tree in there. Is that big enough for it to support fruit? Are they self fertile, or do I need another tree? Also, what is the recommended soil pH? Do they require any chilling hours to set fruit? And, if the tap root should escape the pot will pruning it kill a mature tree? Thanks a bunch for the help! These trees certainly sound like a fun project! :)

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Carlincooling(fl 10b)

Jackfruit get very root bound. I have 3 of them. 2 in the ground and 1 in a 25 gal pot. You can top them off to keep them small. They don't like any cold temps. You would have to keep the green house warm if you want fruit. They like sun and high humidity. I would put them in the largest pot that you can. Their are many different kinds of jackfruit with different favors and texture.
Good luck to you!

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