Transplanting Oleander question

nwmstropicsFebruary 8, 2009

I have two Oleanders about 6 ft tall that I need to move. They have been in the same spot for two years. Do these transplant easily? Any help would be appreciated.

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Are the two plants in the same pot? In any case, yes, they transplant easily. If the plants are in the same pot, use a sterile knife and cut straight through the root ball. But I would wait another month to transplant.

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Thanks nj. You're answering all my questions! These plants are in the ground by the patio. My wife wants them moved cause our daughter will be one year old this summer and she's afraid she will try to eat it since everything that's in her hand goes to her mouth. She just wants to avoid the chance of the baby taking a taste test. The pic below shows how big they are.

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aikanae(z9b AZ)

Is that an outhouse?

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I was wondering how this transplant ended up working out for you.

I live in Arizona and I would like to move 13ft tall Oleanders to another location in my yard. These are very large and have been established for probably over 10 years.

Can someone advise me as to how much of the root ball I need to get around these to make sure they survive? Is it even possible given the size?

I plan on pruning them down to about 8ft tall. Should I do this before I try to relocate them? Or will this just send the plant into a complete shock and kill it?

Given the weather in Arizona right now is about 90 for a high and we don't typically have a terrible freeze season is now a good time to try and move them?

Any feedback would be great!

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