Baby Papaya-strawberry papaya seeds

marcie_new(z8)February 20, 2010

Hello out there fellow gardeners, Today I went to H.E.B and FOUND a strawberry papaya a baby papaya actually some one called this fruit passionfruit to me it looks like a pear shaped papaya its red flesh fruit I am saving the seeds to try and sprout and see if they take off for me any advise? suggestion? I also found Maradol papaya got one too, those seeds I know I can just put in a paper towel place the towel in a ziploc bag and they will germinate.The paper towel get moistened first of course. I found a chirimoya kind of small but at 8.00 dollars is just kind of too pricey for my pocket.

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Strawberry papaya and passion fruit are completely different fruits. Both are tropical plants and will not take to cold too well. I'm in SoCal and grew the strawberry papayas from seeds I saved from fruit purchased at Ralph's. Most of them succumbed to the cold winter we had this year and too much rain. I'm not sure if they would produce for you in a container. I have lots of seeds to share if yours don't germinate.

Pineapples are fun too. These were also from fruit purchased at Ralph's.


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sk290 is correct, papaya and passiflora are two completely different plants. Most papayas are either male or female, some are hermaphrodites. Only female and hermaphroditic plants will produce fruit so make sure you grow enough trees to better your chances of getting trees that will fruit. They grow fast and many varieties will mature within a year. The majority of passion vines need cross pollination. Both do well in containers in a greenhouse over the winter.

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HI SKY290 Thank you for your kind offer I might just take you up on that I will wait and see if they germinate for me, I started them like before damp paper towel baggie method so now I am just waiting to see if they sprout, I also got some maradol papaya seeds the same way. my plan is to germinate as many as possible and then grow some in the ground and some in containers for next winter I can bring them indoors and see what they do. I have read somewhere that once you have papaya growing you can make some kind of cut in the trunk and then they will produce fruit, so I must go looking for this article and see what else I need to refresh my memory about. Marcie

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Great News!!!!!!!Today I took a peek (again) at my seeds, and yes they are starting to sprout,HORAY HORRAY!! just planted 3 seedlings hoping they take off for me. My guava seeds are also starting to sprout.

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I remember reading an article about topping a male papaya plant to make it produce female flowers. I don't remember the specifics but I'm sure you can find the info online. Good luck.

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hi...i would love to buy strawberry-papaya seeds or a plant...where can I get it? i have been searching with no luck. Help!

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Ada vela,

You can buy your Strawberry papaya seeds at TradeWindsFruitStore.Com
I just bought some Waimanalo Dwarf Papaya and Strawberry Papaya seeds.


You may of read it from this website.

Here is a link that might be useful: History and how to grow Papaya article

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