Ficus Decora loosing leaves

hieraFebruary 17, 2007


I have a Ficus Decora that has started losing the lower leaves. I read that overwatering can cause leaves to turn yellow and fall but the leaves that are falling are not yellow ( other that its normal pigmentation wich is yellow in the edges and then some redish greenish)some of them are perfectly ok (with red,green and healthy yelow color) and some of them have become a bit brown leathery in the edges. I tried not to ovewater it and right now if I touch the grount it feels slightly moist to the touch. Leaves from half to the top are firm and lifting up and leaves from half down are pointing down.

So now I dont know if I am still overwatering or underwatering!

Also is there anything that I can do to make the low secttion of the plant grow leaves?

Do you have any link to a step by step guide on how to spread this particular plant?

Many thanks in advance!


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

We need some more information. Where is this plant growing? What sort of temps? Does it get plenty of sunlight? Is it just the lower leaves that are falling? This is generally not a cause for worry as all plants, tropical or otherwise, lose leaves from time to time, especially in winter. If your conditions are cool, give this plant v little (if any ) water till the weather warms up.

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It is growing in a pot and it is place in the living room in a corner by the main window (south) It is very sunny but the plant doesnt get direct light. Temps are between 17C-21C. Plant is not growing at the moment it has one leave that is comming out but it is been like that since I bought it months ago ( like if the growing process had stopped ). Maybe it is normal as you mention but it is a bit worring that all of a sudden 5 or 6 big leaves are on the floor in a matter of days. But in the ones that are still ok there is no sign of color change.


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