Wanted source for abutilon 'Victorian Lady'

saoriFebruary 10, 2007

Hello, I'm looking for abutilon "victorian lady". It's a double flowered abutilon. I found this at a nursery on the internet, sent an e-mail to ask if they can send plant to Japan (I live in Japan). But I received no answer...I think this means "NO". But I want that plant so badly and thought may be someone here knows other source for this plant. Any information about victorian lady is really appreciated.

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sunsi(z5 NY)

This place is rocking I see, lol I did a search and found thses places you might wanna check them out. (cut & paste address, sorry :)


This link has a list of retailers which sell their plants under, "Where To Buy" they also have a varigated form which sounds interesting.


Good luck! :)

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Thank you very much sunsi!
I have e-mailed to the first URL.
The second URL was even more interesting.
I have checked "where to buy" page but they are all local shop and don't seem to accept mail order from foreign country...Now I started dreaming about getting *variegated* victorian lady when I don't have a usual one...Thank you very much for your help.

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Hello Saori
Just saw your message and I think I can help I buy plants from an abutilon and datura specialist in France, called Delphwood nurseries. they are English owners and specialise in double abutilons and they do have abutilon what you call 'Victorian Lady' but they call it 'abutilon Lady'and about thirty other varieties. which is apparently what it was called in Victorian times after the plant was named after the their common name for double Fuchsias at that time was 'Ladies ear drops' the Americans have just reinvented a new name for the plant. if you look at their website www.abutilons-daturas.eu you will see it there good luck and yes they do send plants all over the world
kind regards Robby

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Thank you for the great information, Robby. But I think I was too late. The website was closed and I can not find Delphwood nurseries...

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