Pic of 29" potted dwarf papaya with fruit, zone 4

arctictropical(Z4)September 8, 2013

Yes, it's possible to grow papaya in northern Utah, zone 4, and even get it to flower and produce fruit! I planted it two years ago inside, under high intensity grow lights.

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Hope it does well for you, it looks good so far.

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are these seeds from the grocery store or the TR hovey dwarf type?

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Yes, that's what it is.... TR Hovey. Thanks!

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is it in 2 gal nursery pot? was it in 1 gal nursery pot when you bought it 2 yrs ago?
it's very impressive!
so in winter you keep it under lights? does it go dormant?
what kind of soil/les medium is it in?
can you post a pic when the fruit gets larger?

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Hi petrushka. I planted them all from seed. I move them inside under high intensity grow lights during the winter. They lost most of their leaves with the shock of coming inside a couple of weeks ago, but they didn't die. They pretty much slow down their growth and just sit there until I take them back outside into the strong sunlight and heat. I just use regular indoor potting soil mixed with some sand and perlite.

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they look great! 2yrs from seed - wow, doing fabulously! did you just use fresh seeds from a fruit from grocery?
did you sprout it in spring under lights?

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I moved my Hibiscus indoors last month when the nights got a little nippy and it is looking crappy. I should have added lights maybe. My houseplants look ok but maybe I should add some lights too. They are on a wire rack with 4 shelves. I need to add some wheels so when I come in the basement through the lower level stairs I can get through without fighting a jungle of house plants. It is a south facing door that is half window. Last winter was ok, but thjat was before adding Sabal palm, Hibiscus, Ponytail palm, Desert rose, Money tree, Hoyia (if I spelled it right). Bird of Paradise. Those I've had for a couple years are, Parlor palm, The Norfolk island palm, a plant that I can't remember the name of and I would need tpo go to the basement to see if there are any others. My Desert rose flowered this summer, yeah! That may be easy and not worth celebration, but yeah! antway, til I know different. I will be making a shelter around my Ensete banana or my palm (needle?) I have some Styrofoam and wooden pieces I can use for protection of something tender to zone 6 elements. I don't want to make it too soon and bake the plants, but too late isn't good either. Anyone have a timetable for zone 6 Pa or roundabouts this area? I should be asking Arctictropic when to take in the tender flowering/ fruiting Hibiscus. You have accomplished something really great to get fruit on a potted plant. I am sorry for going off topic. Please elaborate on your methods. Do you protect outdoors til fruit starts to bud on? I love Longon fruit, if it is the orange peach type fruit. In Florida in March of 2012, I was able to collect some ripe off the tree and brought some home for my dad. If it wasn't Longon it was a name I can't remember. They are commonly put in Asian food buffets for desserts. They are better right off the tree of course. They are zone 8. I hope I can get a fruit piece with a seed in it when I go to an Asian buffet. I go at least every 3 weeks, but the fruit is usually canned anmd seeds are usually not missed in the canning process.

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Sorry, I guess in the basement under lights is a simple explanation of how you grew the Papaya. I want to try Loquat and Longon. I couldn't think of the right name on the last post. I have natural light, with a southern exposure in my basement. I just wonder if supplemental light is needed. I may try a Dwarf Cavendish banana in the future. If you have time to add any tips please do, otherwise I am just going to try to put them close as possible to my basement door with a window and try to add my shop light over the tropical that need more light than some houseplants that are shade dwellers in the tropics. And of course my now ugly Hibiscus. I should've not brought it in so soon, I was afraid of frost killing it. I still have my Ensete banana looking great, no cold has made it shrivel yet.

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