Tropical yard pics!

cannacrazy_vaz8September 9, 2013

Hey guys! New to the forum, just thought I'd share some pics of how my garden is doing this year. I'd love to see pics of what anyone else is growing in VA or other mid-Atlantic states!


Here is a link that might be useful: Tropical yard pics

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Wonderful, your yard looks fantastic!

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Gosh. That's gorgeous. I'm trying to get my yard to this point but it's been a struggle. I am getting there though. Nice job!

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C Schaffner

Looks awesome. What are those short plants on the right, looks spikey. I've been looking for something like that

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Thanks everyone!
pelicanhead-I'm not sure exactly which ones you're looking at: the short yellowish green spikey plants in the bottom center of the photo are yucca 'Colorguard'. The short green spikey/grassy ones bordering the very front of bed on the right are daylily 'Stella D'oro'. The taller spikey green ones in the middle of the bed on the right are young windmill palms, you just can't see the trunk- I planted them last summer and they only have about 18" of trunk so far. All are really easy to find at most garden centers!

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

A bit too manicured for my taste, but that's not saying a thing!

I'm having trouble with Flickr...but the pics there look great!

That ensete on your porch, is that maurellii?
It looks awful purple, but it could just be the light too...

Would you mind listing some plant names?

I'd love to know what all EE I see in there!
Bananas too!

You've obviously worked hard on that garden and it looks like you have the touch with the plants too, thanks for sharing!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Awesome!! Truly a tropical oasis.

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Do you have any edibles? I assume you're in the VA beach area?

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your plantings are fantastic and very healthy!
do you maintain it alone or with some help? looks like a lot of work!
can you say approx how much time it takes ev week in upkeep?
and what about all those tropicals in winter? do you dig anything up?

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grabmebymyhandle: yup that's a potted ensete 'Maurelii' on my deck- I think the purpleish hue might partially be the lighting, however all my maureliis were much darker this year- they all got a ton of water and were partially shaded from the hot afternoon sun, which could explain it.

Lots of EEs in these pics- Alocasia odora, borneo giant, and california. Xanthosoma lime zinger. Colocasia esculenta, black magic, black runner, jack's giant, illustris, maui gold, black coral, black pearl, lemon lime gecko, red-eyed gecko, coffee cups, and big dipper.

For bananas: musella lasiocarpa, musa basjoo, ice cream (blue java), zebrina, bordelon, ensete maurelii.

Cannas: Red Stripe, Red Russian, Red velvet, Phaison, Pretoria, Yellow King Humbert, Red King Humbert, Verdi, Robert Kemp, Intrigue, Pacific Beauty, Stuttgart, and Australia.

Others incl. ornamental plum 'Krauter Vesuvius', variegated shell ginger, butterfly ginger, hibiscus, aloe, orange bird of paradise, giant bird of paradise, and dipladenia.

I think that's most of them! Thank you for the compliments.

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river_city: I'm in Newport News- about 45 mins west of VA beach. I'm right on the 7b/8a line. Haven't really ventured into edibles a whole lot- I have first year musa 'ice cream' and 'gran nain' in the ground. The ice cream was a single 3' trunk at planting in May, and is about 15' with many pups now. The gran nain was a single 1' trunk in May, at 8' single trunk now with several very tiny pups around the base. I don't forsee either fruiting this year- but I'll be heavily protecting the pseudostems this winter, so hopefully some fruit next year! Do you have any experiences with either of these bananas in 7b?

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petrushka: Thanks! I installed it and maintain it by myself to save $- I planted most of this summer 2012. It was a lot of work initially digging out the grass for the planting beds and getting all the plants in the ground. The dirt in my yard ended up being pretty decent- mostly loose, sandy loam- so I got really lucky with that. Maintaining it isn't too bad, but I enjoy it haha. I probably spend an average of 30 mins-1hr a day working in the yard. I tried a new fertilizer this year that I read about on this forum- Milorganite. It is a high nitrogen lawn fertilizer and I had AWESOME results with it. My elephant ears got way bigger than they ever have, so did my cannas (without sacrificing blooms). Be careful if you have dogs though, mine always try to eat it- It isn't toxic but will definitely make them vomit. When we are short on rain it does take me a while to water, but soaker hoses really help out with that. About 75% of the plants stay in the ground over the winter with just a few inches to a foot of extra mulch on top- incl all the cannas, most of the elephant ears, and about half of the bananas. Both bird of paradises and the other true tropicals ("houseplants") live in my spare bedroom over the winter which has 1 west facing window. I keep them on the dry side- they don't really grow over the winter and some look rough come spring but they bounce back quickly. A few are stored dormant/partially dormant either bare root or potted in the garage with 1 east facing window and stays about 45-50 degrees, incl hibiscus, some bananas (maurelii, zebrina, siam ruby), and some elephant ears (black magic, borneo giant, odora). If you have a question about overwintering a specific variety let me know and I can share what has worked for me! I know everyone has different methods.

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)


looking great! I love the Color Guard Yucca with the tropicals!

Boca Joe

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

PS Carl,

discovered Milorganite here years ago, great organic fert. It's all I use on the lawn too. It's actually low in N but high IRON, 6-2-0, but loaded with all sorts of great beneficial microbes and stuff B-)

Your stuff really looks healthy and like a jungle.

Boca Joe

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A lot in a little space. Take a winter pic so we can see the palms and yuccas in January. Thanks.

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

thanks Carl.

You have some great stuff there, keep on doing it!

Boca Joe

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