Tacca Seed Germination

canadianjadeFebruary 24, 2007

I got Black Tacca seeds yesterday. The picure on the package won me over and now that I have read into Tacca germination, I may be in over my head.

Can someone tell me how exactly I should germinate the seeds? In a mixture of perlite/vermiculite? How deep should the seed be buried? Should anything else be added to that mixture? I know I need to keep it quite moist and with lots of sun during the germination.

I have read that it can take a few weeks to a lot of months to see any action out of it, but this will be a good test of patience in an otherwise impatient person!


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I believe there is info on Tacca seeds in the 'Growing from Seed' forum.

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bihai(zone 9)

You know, I wish I could help you but I probably can't. I had some seeds once, from a potted black tacca I had, and tried to germinate them, and failed miserably. Now, I have a greenhouse, and my black taccas set seed and dropped them without me noticing a thing. Then, about 20 of then sprouted on the greenhouse floor. Completely without me doing a single thing (I didn't even know about it!) and the plants have been growing fine for about 6 months now.
If I had tried to do it, I probably wouldn't have been able to.

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I bought my black bat years ago, and have been sharing it with all my friends. The trick I learned from the grower is after the flower starts to look puny and you are tempted to remove it , don`t. Instead, wrap the flower around the base of the plant , and then ignore it. You will soon have more .

I should add that I live in zone 10 A and don`t have a greenhouse. Our bat is under a very shady tree, with the limbs that hang low to the ground to provide shade and protection from the wind.

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It is really nice to hear about successes with Tacca. I never paid attention to one of them here, and when it died, tried the seed route. After three tries, buying inexpensive seeds on EBay, and failing three times, ready to give up. But great to hear of the successes! Yale

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I once germinated tacca seeds that I purchased commercially. It literally took 12 months. There may be a better success rate with fresh seeds.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

dont bury seeds , just sow on surface of sterile media
keep shaded and only slightly humid as these suffer greatly from damp off , loses of 75% + after germination is common in humid tropics , much better success in sub-tropics.

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bihai(zone 9)

Maybe why that's why my "wild seed" did so well, it was just laying on top of the soil under a lot of other plants. I have frequent volunteers (literally by the 100's) of Dorstenia turnerifolia in the greenhouse, infant plants look very similar to small taccas, and at first I almost pulled these seed sprouted Taccas up thinking that's what they were, but on closer inspection, the leaves looked just different enough that I had a suspicion they were Taccas so left them...glad I did!

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