Fungus Gnats - A Common Houseplant Pest

brandon7 TN_zone(7)November 28, 2011

Since there isn't much going on in this forum now, I figured I'd post a few threads about possibly interesting topics.

If you have houseplants and see little gnats flying around your house, you may have fungus gnats. I've particularly found Miracle Grow Potting Soil to commonly be infested with these, even when purchased at various stores. Sometimes I'll open a brand new bag and the little critters fly out. Once they're established, like they quickly become after arriving in a new bag of Miracle Grow Potting Soil, they aren't always that easy to get rid of (at least completely). I've found BT, Knock-Out Gnats from Garden's Alive (yeah, I know, not the best liked vendor out there), to be the most useful thing I've tried, but even it sometimes takes multiple and consistent treatments. Below is a helpful guide to the subject.

Here is a link that might be useful: UC, Davis on Fungus Gnats

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Almost a month and no bites yet, so I'll bump this post down.

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Hey Brandon, thanks for this info - and on the subject of houseplants, and potted plants in general - if you have time, would you care to share some info on your preferred potting mix, etc. I was thinking of a couple of mini-roses in pots on my deck this summer. According to what I've read it's best to use a quick draining mix - what do you use? thanks

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Hey Frances,

I think a lot depends on whether we are talking houseplants or outdoor containers. It sounds like you are talking outdoor containers (mini-roses). If so, I would look at two options. For short-term/temporary usage, I use what most all the nurseries use, Nature's Helper. Next time your at a nursery, take a look and I bet you'll find that's what they use. For longer-term use, you really really really should read Al's huge series of threads in the Container Forum (at least Al's original post). Here's the link to one of his latest threads (this one particular thread series currently has over 2000 posts!!! - has to be by far the all time GardenWeb record):

Container Soils - Water Movement & Retention

I almost always stick with the Nature's Helper, but my plants (especially the older ones) would probably be much better off if I stepped up to the plate with the correct mix for long-term use.

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