Taro or what ??????

stanc(5)October 10, 2009

I have 6 huge leaf elephant ears that I planted in the ground this spring(april).

Wait back up some !!!

In september 2008 I purchased some elephant ears that were in pots from a rosd side stand. The leaves were huge about 3 feet across ,I took them home and kept them outside in the pots until the frost set in ,then cut them back and over wintered the pots in the basement.

Well I got a brain storm to plant them in the ground this spring.

When I took them out of the pots to plant in the ground they did not look like typical elephant ear bulbs,you know big round and dark brown (like you get from Home Depot).

The bulbs,tubers looked long fat and brown.

They did vey well this year and grew like crazy and must have mutliplyed.

When I dug them out today the bulbs,tubers ,split, branched off, sent out off sets, don't know what but they look kind of like canna rizones on steroids

They still look long, fat but white with a great root system.

They were very easy to split and how I have about 50 of thesse long fat things about 3" wide and 6" long.

I washed them off and will cut back most of the greem parts,dry and store like my cannas.

But are thesse elephants ears of taro or what ??



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Pictures please. There are hundreds of " Elephant ears"
3 feet and whitish tubers sounds like alocasia potrero to me. Google that up.
I think they call it a. calidora these daze.
Maybe a. Macrorrhiza ?

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