First year to over winter Abyssinian Banana??

rcharles_gw(8a.)October 24, 2013

I Live on west coast of Vancouver. I have been growing the Abyssianian Banana for the past 4yrs. now, but I have never tried over wintering them.
I want to this year after reading all the posts.
I have a unheated garage that I could store, but concerned about possibly being too cold and also the possibility of rotting due to excess moisture in air?
If I cut it down as I have seen done, I could store in area of house (basement)
that would not receive much light at all, but would definitely not get too cold.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I imagine watering would be almost negligible?

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Your zone is pretty warm. I would try lots of mulch and wrapping the trunk generously. Maybe watering 1 or 2 times over the winter.

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