Mandevilla Plant

billjr(z6 CT)October 17, 2004


I have a Mandevilla plant that is in a container on my deck here in Connecticut. I know it won't survive the winter outdoors, and have already brought it in the house and placed it in a bright area new a window. Can I keep it growing inside until next year, or will it still die off ? If it is possible to keep it growing inside, what special attention will it need ?

Thank You, Marge

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john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)

The first thing it will need is mucho light. Your brightest window, even a greenhouse, is not as bright as outside. You will also have to check the water; if you do manage to give it enough light, (maybe supplementing natural light with some electrical light during the short days of winter) you will need to provide adequate water. However, if the plant is semi-dormant, too much water can rot the roots. Also, in lots of houses, the winter air doesn't have enough humidity. Here are some methods for overwintering:

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