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scully931(6)October 21, 2009

We have had one frost. Could I still pot up my musa basjoo and bring it in for the winter? I wasn't sure if it would hurt it since the leaves are already done. I have two and I was wanting to try leaving one out and mulching and potting the smaller one and bringing it in.

(BTW, just to save anyone time and effort, I have posted before asking about the pros and cons of leaving them out vs. bringing them in. :-) Didn't want anyone to spend their time explaining it to me only to discover my earlier posts. Just wondering if I missed the boat on bringing it in.)

Thank you SO much! :-)

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I see no one answered.

But yes, you can do one of two things -- trim off the dead leaves, pot it, and grow it on indoors OR trim off the dead leaves, put it in a pot to hold the dirt, and store in a cool (45 to 60 degrees) dark and somewhat humid place until spring. If you store it dormant, DON'T WATER IT all winter, won't hurt it, but watering it might make it rot. I store bannanas in my basement every winter much like you would store a canna. Works fine.

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You cqan defiantely do that. You can even trim the roots a little if you want it potted up in a smaller pot, but keep it in a cool frost free room and water maybe a total of 2 times during the whole winter.

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Thank you very much. Might try leaving one in the ground this year, the other inside. So far no luck on overwintering. Maybe this is my year. :-)

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