When do you start your long keepers

greensingh(z6b south jersey)February 28, 2011

The variety I have is called longkeeper from tradewindsfruit.

I have not grown long keeping types before so need to know when to start/plant them.

This is a late season determinate so most of the fruit should start to ripen close to the end of the season.

Also how do you know when to pick them as you don't want them to completely ripen on the vine.

Do share if you have experience with this variety.

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greensingh(z6b south jersey)

Did some more research. Seems like late spring early summer would be good to plant in ground.

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Bets(z6A S ID)

I start them at the same time I start my other tomato seeds. I transplant them into the garden at the same time too. But we live in a cooler zone than you do and always have green tomatoes on the vine when we get our first frost.

I hope that helps.


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greensingh(z6b south jersey)

thanks for the reply. We definitely do have a slightly longer season. The last frost is after mid October.
If these were indeterminate then I would probably plant them along with the regulars.
I think I will plant a couple and stagger them and see how they compare. Any tips on storage?

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