Tacca/Bat flower leaves drooping & no new growth

atlantisFebruary 2, 2008

I purchased a beautiful, full grown, flowering black bat. Now, after a year, all the leaves are drooping/hanging down instead of growing upright like when I bought it. It is potted (not root bound) & in the shade with plenty of air flow. Temp varies somewhat now that it is "winter" but the leaves were drooping prior to cooler weather. I haven't seen any new growth either. Any suggestions? Thanks. B.

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Taccas tend to go semi-dormant in the winter. Let the plant rest and water less often.

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Thanks - that will be easy! I like that.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

One thing I might add to the above .They sometimes go completely dormant I recently discovered.lol Had one completely die down and being a lazy gardener did not discard it as I've done in the past. Set for 3 months with no leaves at all and is now growing like a weed again. I've read about "dormant" periods but this particular one had been growing for over 5 years non stop. You would expect it during cool weather but in the heat?? Anyway even if it completely dies down give it some time to see what happens. I've heard the black and green forms are much more prone to it than the white.
Always good advice to cut back on water to any plant not actively growing but don't let it get completely dry. Would you post again ?? Would be curious as to how yours turns out. gary

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Hi all.

Please help me.

I bought a Tacca three days ago and the leaves started to hang down i watered it almost every day. He is on a place where it doesn't get direct sunshine but there is a lot of light. It has two gorgeous flowers too..

Please give me some advice what i should do,i don't wanna lose it. :(

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Do you have a photo? It may be too much water. What sort of soil do you have it in?

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I have one which is flowering now. It has two flowers open and 3 fat buds which are starting to open.

I grow it in a pot under a large oak tree. It gets full, early morning sun and direct late day sun. I discovered it can take more light than recommended.

It is potted in Miracle Gro mixed with small wood bark (orchid bark), sphag and perlite mixed in. Very free draining but holds moisture due to the sphag and MG.

I fertilize with Foliar Gro or Orchid fertilizer. It has tripled in size in less than a year and is beautiful. I potted it because it doesn't like cold weather and I will bring it in the house during cold spells.

I put a tomato cage over it to keep squirrels from climbing on it and digging up the plant (they did in Spring!).

Just love the whiskers!


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A little late, but my Tacca has been doing great up until the heat turned on in my flat. Stuck it in the bathroom with the shower on and it perked up. Drooping is possibly humidity related.

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Hi everyone,
have found many useful and great information on this board and recently I subscribed to participate in the discussion.

I have also some problems with my Tacca and looking for some advises. I bought a blooming Tacca about 5 month ago and I am almost fine with it. I keep it in the living room at a birght spot without direct sun light. the temperature is about 75 degrees and I try to keep the humidity level at around 50 % (very hard during the winter).

The plants reacts when it gets to dry or if I do not water enough by dropping the leaves but the plats recovers nicely after some water.

Now my problem is that a lot of new leaves are growing but they have all the tendency that the tips are dried out and once they reached about 10 inches the entire leaf is wrinkled and dried up. The old leaves are doing fine and have no sign of becoming brown. But I cannot make any new leaves grow and stay healthy and green.

I assume that my humidity level is still a little bit too low but there might by any other reasons. Any help or shared experience are greatly appreciated.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

@ opa_rumple: I'm thinking its the humidity too low.

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I was afraid that it would be that. It will be hard to raise the level. I have to see how long the plant will survive...

Thank you for your opinion.

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grandy3(sub-tropical 10)

I started growing mine in the house by a window with sheers and it didn't do good at all, yours sounds like the same problem I had. Took it outside under my orange tree and it has been doing great ever since. Light may be the problem as they will take more light than you read about. Just no heat of the mid day, early or late full sun and filtered during the day is working for me. And BTW is stays out all year, if it ever gets in the 30s I'll bring it in for that time and then back out again.

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Thanks grandy,
I will put the plant outside in a bright but shady place once it gets a little bit more warmer here. It would be great if it works.

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Not many bat flower threads! Got mine in the mail today, I'm excited! It's just a baby! I hope it lives to grow tall and proud and beautiful :-D

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