4th of July vs. Early Girl

woodcutter2008February 20, 2012

Has anyone grown Burpee's 4th of July against Early Girl (not Bush early Girl). If so, is it really any earlier? I'm thinking about trying it this spring.


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1've grown both of them in the past. The 4th of July was earlier, but rather small, almost like an extra large cherry tomato. It lacked much of the flavor and texture of a good summer tomato but much better than the green house tomatoes you find in a store.
The early girl is a little later and larger, but I still find it lacking in my taste for tomatoes, Both have there place but neither one is as favorable as many of the later tomatoes.
Of the two, my vote is for the Early girl.

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I've grown both of them in the past, too. If I remember correctly they weren't that early. Of course, it all depends on the weather and growing conditions.

Personally, I'd opt for an heirloom that might be a week or two later, but packs a punch in both vigor and flavor - " Black Krim" - mmmmm! Did I say flavor!? More, mmmmmm. ;-)

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Has anyone ever grown Goliath? I planted these for the first time last year and didn't have much luck with them. They supposedly make big fruit. Sticking to my old standby Celebrity this year along with Champion.

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Here are 2 pages that compare both 4th of July and Early Girl:

Here is a link that might be useful: Fourth of July Tomato

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I grow Goliath ever year. They do great for me. They love the heat. There are hybrids and OP Goliath tomatoes. I grow 6 to 8 plants. I grow 4th July last year. they are small size like golf ball size or a little bigger. I grow early girl each year they grow golf ball and baseball size for me. I only grow 2 of each they don't have much taste. I grow 150 to 200 tomato plants each year.

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