need Assistance with Neglected Mango Trees

garden_g8trFebruary 2, 2009

I have 2 mango trees on my property which have not been properly pruned for a few years. The smaller one appears to be bisexual as only one half is blooming. The half that has no blooms is the only side that has shown new growth in 3 years. This tree has produced two mangos in 3 years. Should I cut off the side that doesn't bloom in order to direct growth to the side that does? How else can I promote growth and is there an explanation regarding the orientation of this peculiar tree?

The larger tree has shown new growth this past year and is blooming for the first time in 3 years however, only about half of it has blooms and its cycle is much weaker or further behind than the rest of the mango trees in our neighborhood. Even if I am blessed to get fruit on this tree for the first time this year, I don't think that the long, skinny branches will be able to support the weight of the fruit. I would like to top this tree to reduce the height, prune it in a way to encourage growth for a stronger, fuller foundation for future fruit production. Any ideas how this can be accomplished? I live in Palm Beach County (FL), when can I start pruning? How should I prune these long skinny branches?

P.S. - How do you post photos?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

In Thailand, when they want to rejuvinate a large mango tree, they pretty much cut it back to almost nothing but trunk. They may leave some of the larger branches but even they are cut waaaaay back. It looks odd and your first thought is "what the hell?!". But everyone does it over there and that includes the big fruit parks.

Here's an article I found that may yield some info. I could not access it here from work.

Here's some shots from Thailand when I was there last. This is at Suphattraland, a big fruit park. You can see in the pic the mangos that have been pruned and those that have not.

Here's another shot. These are not pruned back as severely as some I've seen. I've seen some reduced to not much more than a trunk.

Might be best to wait until the one is done blooming/fruiting. If the other is not going to bloom, you might start with that one. Another thing to consider if you cut these back is to obtain some cuttings from some really good cultivars and graft onto the ends of some of the branches you cut back. Might especially be a good idea for the one half of the mango that doesn't bloom. Good luck.

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If you are an area that gets a lot of wind, the flowers could have blown off. This is what happens to some of our mango trees. Again, you could prune it 'way back'!
To post a photo, you need to post it on a URL such as Then you pick the option 'HTML Code' and copy & post it where you want it to appear.

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