Pandanus Veitchii

nina_in_phoenixFebruary 8, 2010

I would like to communicate with someone who is successfully growing a Pandanus Veitchii. Thank you.

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Me too...please continue the conversation :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Saesha Flowers

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Nina, do you want to talk to someone who grows Pandanus as a houseplant 'summered outdoors' or kept outdoors year round? Toni

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I got this from my sister and have had it in my home for 4 days now. I'm caring for it like a ZZ succulent plant: 1-2x month watering (more if needed), partial sun, and supplemental light from waterfall at night. Summer err so AC day 75 and night 73. My sister Keeps her simulate except her house is colder 65, weekly watering, full sun. Googled care info after making my own thread to find out what this plant was which I found out from fellow subscribers pandanus Veitchii white. Google articles said to much sun can scorch the leaves, leaves grow white, and as plant matures will turn green. Pups I see grow from the sides of this plant and many threads about this plant aka Screw Pine. Couple of my pics but I'll adjust its needs as I see how the plant goes in my house. In the foyer front door above it is a small window where full sun comes in so others say may need more light. I'll move it as I see how the plant reacts :) hope this info helps some

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my thread is on the house plant forum and posted link below. Feel free to ask people their questions :)) happy growing

Here is a link that might be useful: Pandanus Veitchii White houseplant thread

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Have grown them very successfully years ago--now they are really hard to find. Mainly, I believe, because their spines can cause minor dermititis. They seem too to have gone out of style, but I love them. Let me know where I could purchase one.

Care is easy. Plant in a soil with excellent drainage, provide at least part sun, water when semi-arid in the Summer and less so in Winter. Plant will attempt to lift itself out of the pot on stilt roots--let it be true to its nature.

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