growing sweet potatoes

tomerrol(z7atn)December 30, 2011

I live in middle Tn,Z7a, and this coming year I want to grow sweet potatoes (my first time) I want to grow my own "slips", I need some information from experience sweet tater growers. how to grow the slips, when to start growing the slips to have them in time to plant, when to plant, what type of soil? I have researched some on the internet, but I would like to hear from others around my area.



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They say don't put the starts out until June but I always fudged a little, like May 1-15. The ground is usually warm by then. You can get sweet potatoes now or in a month, they get harder to find in a store the longer winter goes on. Make some notes of dates etc for next year, your mileage may vary, as they say.
They will root stuck halfway into a glass/jar of water or laid on the side half buried in a box of moist sand. It does take a while for them to start and hard to say but you might average 10-12 slips per 'tator. They will have long roots if you use water so spread them out when you plant.

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thanks rockguy for the information. I have already bought the sweet potaoes I'm going to use for the sprouts. I may put some in water, and a few buried in old sawdust or compost.
thanks again

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