North Texas Tropical Flowers?

dallasblooms(Dallas)November 23, 2012

Being a flower lover and getting bonus points if it's fragrant, I'm considering buying a Sweet Olive Fudingzhu and a Maid of Orleans Jasmine Sambac from Logees. BUT living in north Texas, so not a tropical kind of place, I wonder if I'm dreaming about getting it to grow/bloom here. I have grown African Violets by putting them in self watering pots, and by putting them in clay pots placed inside a ceramic pot with no drain hole, then filling the ceramic pot with water which is absorbed by the clay pot. Will that work with tropicals as "humid"? I'm not even trying for outdoor planting, just in pots.

I posted this on the Texas Gardening Forum too but was pleasantly surprised to see this Tropicalesque forum too. Anyone in north Texas making it work for them?

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Sweet smelling and tropical hmm... Azeales are beautiful and are pretty tropical looking

A huge one I can think of for tropical loking would be pineapple lily--zone 7+
Canna doesnt smell amazing but look great
Crape myrtle is a bush with toooonnnsss of bright colorful blooms
many roses are very fragrant-- Floribunda series

Hope this gives you an idea!

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Sorry, I was just looking for indoor plants that smell good and found these two but have no humidity here. I already gave up on the Sweet Olive (too big and high maintenance) but a Texas gardener suggested using a bell jar or terrarium for the Maid of Orleans Jasmine, which apparently does well here. That sounds great but they sure are expensive when you need one that is big enough for this plant which gets 1 to 2 feet tall. I mean, it's just glass and metal but costs $300!?

Thanks for the other outdoor suggestions. I have tropicanna canna, 5 crepe myrtles, and about 21 roses :) and tried azealeas before that died, but pineapple lily sounds intriging. Do they smell like pineapples because I love pineapples?

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Oh yes! wow what a rose collection.

Pineapple lilies actually dont smell very nice to me, im neutral I ment rather as a foliage plant this is what it looks like, very unique

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